Audio technologies group Y.M.M LTD develops audio products for the high end audio field and owns several brands; development and manufacture of turntables under the brand Tactile, phonostages and step-up transformer under the brand Virtuoso Audio and audio wiring under the brand Sigma Acoustics.

The person who leads the development process is Moshe Peretz, who owned the leading Israeli business of restoring and upgrading turntables of Thorens, Garrard, Linn, Technics and more. Moshe turned the turntables into even better products using his vast knowledge of mechanics and physics.

After many years of studying the analog field, he decided to develop his own line of products and that is why Tactile was established.



During the design process, we faced several challenges, the first and foremost was to achieve maximum vibration damping and the smoothest platter movement possible. To achieve this, we used high precision CNC machines. The choices of materials to assemble the Turntable underwent rigorous testing of vibration removal. The process of selecting materials and choosing production machines took no less than two years of extensive research that led us to the perfect mechanical result.

The assembly of the bearing needs to be produced with uncompromising precision in order for it to move the heavy plate with zero friction. Therefore, after many tests and experiments, we chose a massive bearing housing of phosphor bronze.

Another important challenge was to put the turntable on a stable and isolated platform. For this we developed special legs, designed to stop any unwanted vibrations and allowing for the turntable’s body to be completely stable and leveled. We also manufactured arm-boards for a variety of tonearms, enabling a perfect match for most of the tonearms offered in the market such as: Graham, SME, Ikeda, Jelco and more …


The design

Tactile’s turntables are not just turntables. They are meticulous and high quality craftsmanship. Every piece, component and curve is designed on the one hand to prevent vibrations and on the other to look amazing. There is no part of the turntable that has not been extensively researched, examined and handled by the best product designers. The color was specifically selected for the turntable.

The turntable plates are painted with metallic gray at the highest of standards, the like you will only find in luxury cars. The base, engine and arm rests can be obtained in a number of colors, at the same coloring standard of the plate.


Bottom Line

The uncompromising design, quality of the materials and assembly bring us to our sole goal, and provide you with the perfect sound experience.

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